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Vote For Funds

The move comes after the government quote s maiden budget presentation was pushed back to late March, to accommodate the local government elections, Cabinet spokesman Prof. G L Peiris said today. rnrnLast October, President Chandrika Kumaratunga used her constitutional powers to approve state funds for a three-month period up to March 31, 2002. rnrnldblquote There will be a short time gap between the approval of budget and March 31, up to which the funds have been allocated by the consolidate fund. A Vote on Account will be needed to pass funds to bridge that gap dblquote , Peiris said. rnrnPeiris said the opposition had agreed to conclude the budget debates and the voting by April 11. rnrnThe government had to put off the budget earlier scheduled for March 6, after the premier decided not to hold the local government elections on March 1, Peiris said. rnrnldblquote The Prime Minister decided not to proceed with legislative amendments that would allow the election to be held on March 1, based on rep
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