Wake Up

Sri Lankas top trade chambers have asked the government to wake up to the realities facing the economy and for legislators to stop misbehaving in parliament.
The Joint Business Forum or JBiz, says while parliament remains adjourned to accommodate political campaigning for next months Provincial Council polls, legislators are blissfully unaware of lquote adverse international economic factors that are seriously effecting the country.
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rnWhile commending the governments efforts to cushion the public against spiraling global prices for oil, gas and wheat, JBiz says a future price hike is inevitable to ease the burden on the state purse.rn

rnThe governments answer that it is exploring diplomatic channels to get concessions, JBiz says such deals will take time to materialise, putting further pressures on the Treasury.rn

rnIn such circumstances which are affecting our economy adversely, the type of unruly conduct of those elected to Parliament to govern our country, is akin to lquote Nero fiddling whi

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