Wanted – Nurses

Currently, new entrants into the healthcare industry are faced with a dearth of about 40,000 skilled nurses in the industry and a huge demand for those that remain. rn

rnThey are often compelled to fill the void for skilled nursing personnel, from overseas. rn

rnThere are at the moment 116 private hospitals, ranging from a few large established hospitals to many small private nursing homes and clinics.rn

rnWhen Apollo Hospitals started up in Sri Lanka earlier this year, 200 nurses were brought down from India to staff the hospital with government permission for a hundred more.rn

rnThe hospital is now tentatively making inroads into the area of training that matches up to international standards, with a school to be started up in about a month.rn

rnldblquote We have already sent a few of our nurses for training to India and we hope to get this school off the ground in about a month. This will support about a hundred nurses. Initially however this will cover our own needs before we can open it up

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