Washing Up

Sri Lankas two giant industrial zones, Moratuwa–Ratmalana and Ja-Elaemdash Ekela, are in urgent need of a clean up endash in Ratmalana the ground water quality is so poor it cant even be used in garment washing plants without first being treated and certainly cant be used for cooking or drinking.
Finitex – a garment washing and finishing factory, in Ratmalana – spends over Rs 120,000 a month on treating ground water before using it to wash garments. rn

rnldblquote We cant use the ground water for washing because the high iron content stains the material,
dblquote said Mr Hilary Nath, the Environmental Research Engineering Manager of Finitex.rn

rnThis is mainly because for years industries – mostly the garment and textile industries and galvanising industry endash in Ratmalana have been emptying their waste, untreated, into the drains.rn

rnIn Ratmalana ground water pollution is more acute because the area has a high ground water table that makes it easier for contaminated water to mix with the

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