Water Tight

Often exploited, fought over, and colossally under priced, water has become the stuff of international politics. As Sri Lanka wages peace, it is wading through its own issues of sharing and trading its water between new regional boundaries.
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Water management to date has unfortunately been everyones responsibility, with a staggering 40 different Acts and 20 departments overseeing the sector.rn

rnReforms are underway to better integrate management, with a new industry Act identifying five regions that will independently manage its water resources.rn

rnThe Act introduces a system of entitlements or water trading rights that allows sharing to further spread the scarce resource - a system perfected in Australia.rn

rnThis will, for example, allow for a user to transfer his permit for a certain volume of excess water during a good season to another user, for a fee.rn

rnInitially water trading will be limited to bulk or commercial users, currently numbering 3000, on temporary such as seasonal,

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