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Web Eyeballs

Mar 10, 2008 (LBO) – Advertising agencies are struggling to convince clients to use the web as internet penetration increases in Sri Lanka, but poor awareness among clients and users alike, hinder these efforts, officials said.
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“If you look outward and what kind of business opportunities are out there, then the web can play a very big role,” says Bartlett. As the demand for web advertising in the world increases the local ad agencies says there is a need to shift their focus on to the web, if the island is to keep pace with global developments.

“If Sri Lanka doesn’t move in to web advertising now then we would be left out and far behind as a country,” says Thayalan Bartlett, chief executive of J Walter Thompson (JWT) in Sri Lanka.

“I wouldn’t say we are backward but the clients have not recognized this as a media opportunity.”

‘Interactive advertising; has been one of the key highlights in developed markets, where the client has the opportunity to interact with the manufacturer.

Web advertising has been one of the key components in making this a reality, driven by consumer who either will click on a banner or ignore. This pushes agencies to focus on making it more user-friendly to attract its target audience

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