Weir Power

Sri Lankas latest hydro power station is due to be commissioned later this month.
Despite a small sluice gate and several working days being swept away, the project managers are confident of keeping to the original schedule.rn

rnThe Kukule Ganga is only a tributary of the Kalu Ganga. The riverbanks have been washed away after the recent heavy rains in this area. rn

rnAccording to some estimates the about 150 million cubic meters had moved down Kukule Ganga after the heaviest rains in this century last month. rn

rnPeak flood level estimated at about 2500 cubic meters per second could have been higher than the ten thousand year peak calculated for the area.rn

rnIf the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has built a large reservoir as originally planned in the 1960s, areas like Matugama would not have gone under water.rn

rnDue to protest form environmentalists that plan had to be abandoned. rn

rnThough lives could be saved, environmentalists were concerned that invaluable forests near the Si

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