Welikada Exchange

The Welikada prison and its 7,000 inmates will relocate elsewhere to make room for Sri Lanka Telecoms expansion plans into the business of call centre outsourcing.
SLTs Telecom City project that will provide in house technology to outsource call centre operations and various other ICT related services would acquire nearly 60 acres of land currently occupied by the Welikada prison complex.rn

rnldblquote The Telecom City project has already got approval as a national project and the prison will be relocated to six different places that we have identified,
dblquote SLT Chairman, Thilanga Sumathipala told journalists on Monday. rn

rnThe Welikada prison complex in Borella takes up prime commercial land in the city and has been earmarked by the Telecom City project, with State approval, for the construction and operation of ICT services.rn

rnCurrently the prison, built to accommodate 1,800 inmates, houses 7,000 people on remand and is in poor condition. rn

rnUnder the project proposal, the pris