Who’s The Face?

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The absence of a coherent economic policy, ranging from fiscal discipline, economic reforms, together with how fast new government will woo foreign donors to resume stalled aid, still remain a relatively grey area.rn

rnldblquote The key thing is to see who will be the actual public face behind key ministries and state institutions,
dblquote observes, Amal Sandaratne, CEO Frontier Research, an independent research firm.rn

rnPresident Chandrika Kumaratunga United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA), who secured 105 seats of the 225-seat Parliament, has named former Leader of the Opposition, Mahinda Rajapakse as her Prime Minister. rn

rnKumaratunga was expected to swear in her Prime Minister on Monday, but put off plans on account of today being a Poya Day (Buddhist holiday). Though she has the power to swear in a Prime Minister, Rajapakse has to prove a majority when Parliament convenes on April 22.rn

rnMarket players are keenly waiting to see who her nominees are for top posts like Finance Minister, T