Witch Hunt

Set up two months ago, the Authority is already being flooded with business. Strange, spiritual and otherwise; Most of the business though, is on price and unfair services.rn

rnJust last week the CAA flexed its muscle and shot down a request by Shell Gas to jack up the cost of a LPG cylinder by Rs.19.00 to over Rs.600. rn

rnGas prices have been a sore point between customers and LPG suppliers including Shell, which enjoyed a monopoly until recently and still has 90 percent of the market.rn

rnIt also insisted that Sri Lanka Telecom set up a 24-hour hotline for its 800,000 customers after complaints of tariff and rental hikes and no detailed bills.rn

rnA seemingly odd list of five products have been put on an essential list endash Gas, Milk Powder, cement, mosquito coils and boxes of matches. rn

rnldblquote If there are any price increases for these items, they have to be run through the CAA, which can approve, turn down or recommend a suitable increase dblquote , says new Director Genera

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