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A new army is being raised to fight a war off the battle field. Soldiers on hire, ready to fight for any side.
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Building on the limitation of Sri Lankas archaic labour laws and the cyclical needs of Information Communication Technology firms, an offshoot of Media Solutions - TechSys has built a database of over 1600 tech professionals available for outsourcing.
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rnChief Executive Ahmed Irfan says the concept is relatively new to local firms but is attracting a lot of attention. rn

rnldblquote Most software development companies are often engaged in short to medium term projects, but end up having to hire employees on a permanent basis with the added responsibility of having to manage their career over an extended period of time. dblquotern

rnldblquote The concept also allow firms to concentrate on their core business, instead of worrying about staffing issues, dblquote says Irfan. rn

rnThe firm is also receiving international placement contracts. rn

rnHead of Media Solution Vasee Nesiah sa

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