Work Trial

Mar 28, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lankan employers are seeking the extension of a trial run allowing a five-day work week as part of moves to reform archaic labour laws and improve efficiency, an official said. Ravi Peiris, director general of the Employer’s Federation of Ceylon (EFC), said they have been lobbying with the government to spread over hours of work on five days of the week instead of an extra half-day on Saturday.

“We have made submissions on the granting of an option to employers to spread over working hours from Saturday to Monday to Friday in a manner that would not exceed 45 hours a week,” he said.

This would mean workers would work 45 hours on five days of the week instead of five and a half days now with no extra payment being made even though a worker would work an extra hour from Monday to Friday.

“Such an arrangement should only be done with the mutual agreement of employers and workers or their trade union representatives.”

After talks between employers and labour representatives, the arrangement was allowed for a trial period of three months but needs to be extended permanently, Peiris said.

“Today we are happy to note there has been agreement to allow this flex