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World Bank opens data goldmine to all

Apr 22, 2010 (LBO) - The World Bank has opened its statistics spanning 50-years to and called upon the global community to use the data to help poor people in the developing world. "I believe it’s important to make the data and knowledge of the World Bank available to everyone," a World Bank statement quoted its president Robert Zoellick as saying.

"Statistics tell the story of people in developing and emerging countries and can play an important part in helping to overcome poverty.

They are now easily accessible on the Web for all users, and can be used to create new apps (applications) for development."

The organization said its database had 2,000 indicators on living standards across the globe including hundreds that went back 50 years. The data will be available in Arabic, French and Spanish as well as English.

The information could be accessed through data.worldbank.org which will have tool to find and manipulate the data. "Broader access to the data will allow policy makers, researchers, and civil society to track the impact of policies, develop new solutions, and measure improvements more accurately," the World Bank said.

The World Bank will star

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