You Call You Pay

A picture of the Royal Thomian souvenir sold at the match by student of Royal College.

Fixed line and cellular subscribers will pay up to Rs. 5 more per minute for calling a mobile user, possibly from March 1.
The additional charge comes with a shift in the national telecom policy where mobile phone users will not have to bear the cost of an incoming call. rn

rnInstead, any person making the call to a mobile phone would be charged a maximum additional Rs. 5 as per the new policy. rn

rnThe shift supports the idea that the party with the need to contact any individual should bear the full cost of that call, instead of forcing the charge on mobile users. rn

rnUpto now mobile users pay for their incoming calls, or have opted for high monthly rental packages that offer free incoming services. rn

rnThe policy shift will also see high monthly rentals coming down and also possibly a cellular tariff readjustment to accommodate the new change. rn

rnThe additional charges will be remitted to the cellular network that received the call by the network that generated the call. rn


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