Youth unemployment can be addressed through technical training: Susil


Sep 10, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka can overcome its youth unemployment issue by developing technical education, the newly appointed minister for technology says.

“Although unemployment as a whole is six percent, in the age group between 18 – 30 it is over 20 percent,” Susil Premajayantha, the new minister of technology, technical education and employment said.

“It is a challenge that we need to overcome.’

“This is why we need to develop our technical collages and institutions so that we can cater to the rising demand for jobs both locally and even internationally.”

He was speaking to reporters after officially assuming duties at the Ministry in Colombo, Thursday.

The new government policy is to build Sri Lanka to a highly competitive nation within the period of five years and education is one of the key sectors the policy makers are eyeing.

“Technology has enabled many countries to solve their issues so the development of the sector is very important,” the minister says.

“Sri Lanka too now is emerging into a technological era and we need to make rapid step in this direction.”

Technological advancements have been the hallmarks of economic development.

This is historically evident from the rapid development of Europe, North America and Canada after the industrial revolution, the economic boost to Japan after the 2nd World War and more recently the newly emerging economies of China, India, Korea and Brazil which are predicted to be future economic giants.

Speaking about future plans of the Ministry, Premajayantha said that he intends to formulate a five year plan within the next two weeks.

“In the next two weeks I will meet all the heads of institutions that come under my preview and come up with a long-term plan.”

“Then I will get cabinet approval so that we can have a clear plan for the next five years.”

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6 years ago

If the stolen money is returned that also would be helpful to give training to youth who needs training.