Zero Base Budgets

The cabinet of ministers has also agreed to move to an output based budgeting system in an attempt to create more accountability.
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rnThe government is planning to reduce next year quote s budget deficit from the present eight point five percent of GDP.rn

rnPreparing budgets from a Zero base will require ministries and authorities under their function to review all expenditure ignoring the previous years spending figure.rn

rnAccountants say zero-based budgeting will force establishments to re-look at all expenditure. rn

rnThe government is also planning to demand specified outputs or results when budget allocations are made.rn

rnFor instance the health budget may include a minimum number of surgical operations to be performed, patients treated and medicines prescribed. rn

rnMinisters say this will create more accountability within the government.rn

rnldblquote When money is given to a ministry that ministry is held accountable for the resources which have been allocated through the budget. At t

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