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Zimbabweans off banks after cash crunch

HARARE, Jan 13, 2008 (AFP) - Kennedy Tsambo's faith in Zimbabwe's banking system finally hit breaking point over Christmas when he spent an ultimately fruitless three days queuing to withdraw cash in order to buy a bus fare home.
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"This was not a donation that I was queuing for, it's my own money which I should be able to withdraw as and when I like," said the 37-year-old, who works as a mechanic in Harare but whose family lives in eastern Nyanyadzi district.

"Now I am thinking of taking out all my money.

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I won't deposit any more in the bank until this chaos is over.
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Tsambo is among tens of thousands of casualties of a cash crisis in inflation-ravaged Zimbabwe which has seen banks regularly run out of notes since mid-October.

Central back chief Gideon Gono blames the crisis on cash barons he says have been hoarding Zimbabwe dollars and exchanging them for scarce foreign currency.

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Despite unveiling three new currency denominations last month in a bid to ease the shortages, winding queues are still a common feature at banks as the cash crisis persists.

Mairos Chigwada, a self-employed upholsterer, vowed he would "never repeat that mistake again" after depositing all the money he had earned during the p

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