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Eagle Insurance Co.s Risk Management Division has secured international recognition for processes developed to execute products and services.
Risk management is a Specialised Management technique that identifies an firms exposure to risk, give solutions for controlling it or put in place a mechanism to pay for losses should the risk escalate to a catastrophic incident.
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rnAn ISO9001:2000 certification presented recently, affirms the units capabilities to deliver a range of innovative services in the areas of technical risk management as well as recommending engineered risk improvements.rn

rnThe division is largely credited with managing the National Safety Award campaign, especially at the evaluation stage.rn

rnEagle Insurance saw its year-end group net profits surge 18 percent to Rs. 318 mn from to Rs. 269 mn in 2002.rn

rnProfit growth came from buoyant gains in the stock market, which helped off set low interest rate investments.rn

rnConsolidated revenue for the year rose 13 percent to Rs.

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