Acting Responsible

The Employers Federation of Ceylon (EFC) is adding its weight to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement in Sri Lanka.
The EFC – Sri Lankas only trade union of employers – is the latest corporate big-gun to jump the CSR bandwagon.rn

rnThe concept is gaining momentum in Sri Lanka with international agencies and local trade chambers and accounting bodies actively championing it.rn

rnBut so far there have been few takers.rn

rnOut of Sri Lanka 22,000 odd registered companies only a handful of larger corporates have come forward to adopt CSR.rn

rnldblquote Most local companies do philanthropic activity on an ad hoc basis. Social responsibility is not practiced as part of company policy,
dblquote explained the director general of the EFC, Gotabaya Dasanayaka at a press conference on Monday.rn

rnBut if the signs are anything to go by, the idea is slowly but surely digging its roots in.rn

rnAlready much of the local accounting fraternity including the Institute of Chartered Accountants

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