ADB to help set up Revenue Authority

The package could be followed by a grant up to US$ 20 million to set up the authority somewhere next year.rn

rnGovernment revenue collections consistently fall short of targets due to problems with tax collection.rn

rnThe ADB says the Revenue Authority, a merged entity between Inland Revenue, customs, and excise departments, would be better equipped to tackle the problem. rn

rnldblquote The technical assistance will help to do the planning for establishing a Revenue Authority; looking very broadly at the tax administration issues; the human resources issues; and the information technology issues,
dblquote ADB
quote s Deputy Country Director, Joseph Zveglich says.rn

rnldblquote That will go into putting together, an autonomous revenue authority covering Inland Revenue, customs, excise plus the incentives- the tax incentives externally handled by the BOI
dblquote . rn

rnAnalysts say any changes in tax collecting institutions could result in lower collections.

The ADB is however willing to make good