All Clear

Elections Chief Dayananda Dissanayake has opted not to go for fresh polls in two districts, which were reported to have voting irregularities and instead release the final results late Sunday.
The Elections Dept., stopped declaring results late Saturday, due to complaints of vote rigging in the districts of Kandy and Digamadulla.rn

rn”I do not believe that the reports I received warrants a fresh poll in those two districts,” Dissanayake told party representatives when he met them on Sunday. rn

rnHe said he did not believe that the irregularities had affected the final outcome. rn

rn”We had a lengthy discussion and my decision is that there is no need for re-polling,” Dissanayake told a news briefing. rn

rnAll party representatives at the meeting had agreed with the polls chief, though four parties had wanted the vote in Jaffna annulled on alleged large scale voting irregularities.rn

rnBut Dissanayake had overruled it saying that the existing legal framework did not give him powers to annul th