Audit Block

Nov 27, 2006 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s audit examiners will stop visiting government offices to carry out audit work following on a pay dispute, putting the brakes on the country’s already slow auditing process. “The most important aspect of the state audit mechanisms is the audit examination,” the Union said in a statement.

“We wish to state that by cutting the wages and emoluments of examiners, the entire process has been brought to a halt.”

The Sri Lanka Audit Examiners’ Union says their per diem allowance has been cut from the current 500 rupees to 400 rupees.

As a result audit examiners had stopped visiting government offices for on site work from Monday.

“Even the 500 rupees was not enough for us to eat let alone find a place to stay when we go on audit expectations far away from our station,” the Unions co-ordinating Secretary Tusitha Premarathne said.

“So how can we do it with 400 rupees?”

The Union says the examiners’ promised salary increments have also been cut by the government, saying the earlier circular was a printing mistake.

The latest circular wage revision has cut the Grade A audit examiners’ wages from 22,585 rupees to 19,010 rupees by 3,565 rupees.