Australia to probe international education after India attacks

SYDNEY, August 8, 2009 (AFP) – Australia announced a sweeping review of its international education sector Saturday, as India’s foreign minister prepared to meet with students rattled by a series of attacks and study scams. Education Minister Julia Gillard said former Liberal MP and diplomat Bruce Baird would head the review, which was aimed at shoring up the nation’s 12.7-billion-US-dollar international education industry.

“Mr Baird will review the Education Services for Overseas Students act and report back to the Government with changes designed to ensure Australia continues to offer world class quality international education in this challenging and changing environment,” Gillard said.

Baird said the review would examine perceptions of racism and exploitation plaguing Australia, following a spate of violent attacks against students from India and claims they were being targeted in study scams.

“We’ll be looking at the general welfare of students who come to our shores, as well as issues such as ‘Have we got dodgy operators?'” Baird told the AAP newswire.

“We’ve definitely got the attention of this government.

“So you know when we bring forward recommendations they won’t just be put in th