Bad manners bad for tourism business

Feb 09 (LBO)-Sri Lanka’s tourism branding came under heavy criticism on Thursday for the island’s lack of focus, inability to deliver on promise and for bad public practices. Destination branding was taken up in one of the technical session at Thursday’s Chartered Institute of Marketers (CIM) one day conference.

Industry officials said among the many short coming of the island destination was its lack of basics manners and clean surroundings.

Industry officials said while Sri Lanka was known for friendly people and beautiful destinations, but also known for civil unrest, overall lack of safety on the streets and trouble with touts.

Officials agreed that before any branding exercise, the industry needed to create a conducive environment for tourism.

Design Bridge Asia’s Head of Strategy Anjali Grover making the presentation on destination branding said the positioning and value have to be rooted in the fundamental truths about the nation and its culture.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s current tourism branding also came under heavy criticism from the industry for its lack of focus.

Tourism industry officials said the current branding ˜a

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