Bank of England to pump 100 bln dlrs into banking system: BBC

LONDON, April 18, 2008 (AFP) – Britain’s central bank is to pump an extra 50 billion pounds (63.4 billion euros, 99.9 billion dollars) into the banking system as early as the end of next week, BBC television said Friday. Without citing sources, the broadcaster said the Bank of England would issue one-year bonds over three years and swap them for securitised mortgage assets the banks cannot sell due to the squeeze on the global credit markets.

The idea is to encourage banks to lend to each other again and meet banks’ demands for longer term loans as well as kick start a slowing housing market, it added. The loans would not be included on the national debt.

“It will be the biggest ever special initiative by the British monetary authorities to supply liquidity to the British banking system,” the BBC’s business editor Robert Peston wrote on the broadcaster’s website.

Royal Bank of Scotland was said earlier Friday to be set to raise between five and 12 billion pounds in a share issue to improve its finances.

The Daily Telegraph claimed the cash boost was required because of the need to combat subprime-related writedowns and high costs caused by the record-breaking takeover of ABN Amro.

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