Banks and Robbers

The Rajarata Development Banks (RDB) decision to interdict the entire staff at its Medirigiriya branch after it was robbed at gunpoint recently will be met by protests by the employees of all six regional development banks.
The Ceylon Bank Employees Union Development Bank Branch says the management nor the police investigating the heist have evidence indicating the staffs involvement in the theft. rn

rnSources close the RDB management say the decision to interdict the entire staff was necessary to facilitate a through investigation of the theft. rn

rnThe Ragarata Development Bank staff will take to the streets on January 20 hoping to resolve the dispute. rn

rnIf the protest fails to meet their demands to reinstate the entire staff of the Medirigiriya branch and spruce up the lax security setup in the branches, employees from all six regional development banks have plans for a walk out on January 26. rn

rnThe robbery is a huge blow for the development banks as they attempt to cleanup their act