BASL condemns recent references made to role of Judges & prosecutors

Dec 12, 2019 (LBO) – The Bar Association of Sri Lanka condemns recent statements made with reference to concluded cases, pending litigation, role of Judges, role of prosecutors and the right of representation relating to litigants who are parties to court.

It is a basic tenet in our criminal justice system that every suspect or an accused has a right to be defended by an Attorney at Law.

The Bar Association says that the right of representation is an extremely important aspect encompassed within the concept of “Rule of Law”‘.

“The BASL requests its members to refrain from making any such references and to refrain from using the media for such purpose,” the BASL said.

“We request our members to act within the ethical standards of the profession and preserve and protect the dignity of the profession. If any such conduct continues the BASL will not be hesitant to refer such matter for appropriate action.”

Full statement


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