Battle for Mumbai ends, last militants killed

MUMBAI, Nov 29, 2008 (AFP) – Commandos killed three holdout gunmen Saturday in Mumbai’s Taj Hotel, bringing an end to a two-day Islamic militant assault on India’s financial capital that left at least 155 dead, including 21 foreigners.

The final attack on the historic seafront hotel was marked by heavy gunfire and loud explosions that triggered a fierce fire, as special forces units moved against gunmen who had held hundreds of security personnel at bay for three nights.

“All operations are over. All the terrorists have been killed,” Mumbai police commissioner Hassan Gafoor said, 59 hours after the attacks began.

On Friday, elite troops had stormed a Mumbai Jewish centre and killed two gunmen — but also found five dead Israeli hostages, including a US-based rabbi and his wife, who were murdered as the commandos closed in.

The other luxury hotel that was attacked, the Oberoi/Trident, was declared clear of militants late Friday, with scores of trapped guests rescued and 24 bodies found.

“They were the kind of people with no remorse — anybody and whomsoever came in front of them they fired,” an Indian commando said of the young gunmen who slipped into Mumbai on Wednesday evening.

The head of the commando fo