Big Game

The telecom regulatory policy will make shift from size control, to sub sector dominance management, under a new draft legislation.
The new asymmetric telecom regulation policy will have the telco watchdog barking orders at dominant operators, identified to be so when they pass pre-defined boundaries, impose entry restrictions or is a threat to near free market competition.rn

rnThe telco industry therefore will be divided under a number of categories like data, voice, internet and so on, to facilitate management of the dominant operator in each of these areas.rn

rnOrders imposed upon dominant operators will include minimum service obligations to customers and competitors, tariff and other fee monitoring and compulsory interconnection with other service providers among others, all designed to inculcate competition centred regulation.rn

rnThe new legislation also allows operators identified as dominant in the defined categories, to prove otherwise, removing them from the surveillance list. rn


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