Billing Options

Sri Lanka Telecom launched its new US$ 20 mn billing system on Wednesday, with ambitious plans to spin it off into a separate revenue generating business unit.
Officials say once the system is fully in place, they will consider other commercial applications that can be added on and also tap its customer database. rn

rnSome potential commercial applications include using the bill as a target marketing vehicle, while the system itself would be able to integrate multiple bills generated by other utilities and service providers.rn

rnChairman Thilanga Sumathipala says the firm will consider spinning off the billing system as a separate business unit, offering outsourced billing services to any firm running a subscriber service. rn

rnSLT say the system when fully deployed will support online bill payments, moving up from the present bill access only setup. rn

rnDeployment todate only covers Internet subscribers and its 300,000 residential subscribers in the Metro region. rn

rnOfficials say other se

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