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John Keells Holdings (JKH) could enter the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, leveraging its competencies in financial and information management and project implementation. JKH just deployed the mySAP ERP solution, an enterprise resource planning module that has under a first phase project, integrated the financial information and business intelligence of some 70 business units within the conglomerate.

Considered as a benchmark case, the group implemented the first phase of it’s my SAP ERP solution 45 days ahead of schedule, after the Rs. 300 million project was launched in late 2003.

Though it sounds like very little, in ERP solution implantation terms, this is a mammoth achievement with very few projects of this magnitude being completed within its schedule.

The groups Chief Information Officer Rohan Muttiah told Lanka Business Online that in implementing the ERP solution, the conglomerate had drawn the best talent from the 70 business units, liberating them from mundane transaction processing and instead enabling them to perform as knowledge workers.

The newly liberated team could now be deployed to bring similar results for other companies globall

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