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A recently completed draft policy for the port and shipping sector is proposing to link all agencies working to serve the industry into one umbrella organisation. rn
The maritime authority will oversee regulation and represent the foreign trade sector as the apex body among a long list of other tasks.rn

rnThe proposal forms part of the new five year policy for the port and shipping sectors, rejuvenated from the 1997 National Ports and Shipping Policy. rn

rnA draft copy is being circulated within the industry for their feedback and is due to be formally presented to the Ministry of Ports and Shipping shortly. rn

rnShipping industry sources say the proposal was included to unite industry representations and improve competitiveness in line with the governments overall policy to make Sri Lanka a shipping hub.rn

rnSetting up the authority will reduce redundancies and streamline trade practices.rn

rnHowever, industry analysts say details of the proposal could be altered significantly once the indus

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