Like most couples planning to take the plunge Deepali and Nishan wanted everything to be perfect on their wedding day.
Deepali was especially keen to have the most gorgeous bouquet possible – a far cry from when flowers were mostly used as offerings at temples.rn

rnFlorists say that demand in the local market for flowers for special occasions like weddings is picking up.rn

rnBut floriculturists say that they mostly cater to the export market from where there is demand for large volumes on a regular basis. rn

rnUnlike in the West where bunches of flowers are gifted regularly, Sri Lankans dont use flowers to express their feelings as often.rn

rnMarketing has helped establish flowers as a preferred gift and even countries in the region like Thailand have entire streets just selling flowers.rn

rnBut here you have to go to flower shop to get the flowers.rn

rnldblquote In other countries you can buy flowers easily, but not here. Here you have to go to a flower shop to buy them,
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