Body parts litter Sri Lanka highway after suicide blast kills general

PANNIPITIYA, Sri Lanka, June 26, 2006 (AFP) – Blackened body fragments littered the highway and gardens of this Sri Lankan suburb after a suspected Tamil Tamil suicide bomber Monday assassinated a top Sri Lankan general. The burnt hulk of Major General Parami Kulatunga’s car lay askew near a ditch, its passenger side caved in completely — evidence of the ferocious blast which killed the number three in the army and three others plus the attacker.

Hundreds of people emerged from their homes, crowding behind a cordon.

Police and soldiers armed with automatic weapons nervously scanned the roads or milled around the scene, pointing out twisted pieces of motor vehicles or drawing chalk circles around other debris.

Two plastic bags stuffed with clothing sat in a puddle near the general’s car.

A stray shoe lay in the middle of the highway.

An elderly man standing among the onlookers on the kerb smiled and then mouthed the word “Boom”, flicking his fingers quickly outward.

Another whose home was just meters from where Kulatunga’s car came to rest gestured at his shattered windows.

A few houses away several people were leaning over a first floor balcony, peering down at part of a body which had been wedge