Brain drain or brain gain?

Apr 06, 2009 (LBO) – Many have expressed their concern about the rising incidence of educated youth leaving the country for employment in developed countries. The protest against the practice, commonly known as ‘brain drain’, is based on both economic and non-economic reasons.

Economic Reasons

The economic reasons adduced against the brain drain take the following form.

The educated youth are the pillars of the country’s wealth creation. When they leave the country’s shores for work in other countries, the home country loses their talents stunting its ability to create further wealth. Hence, instead of the country that took trouble to breed and nourish them, other countries that did nothing about it become beneficiaries.
Economists call this phenomenon getting free benefits or ˜free riding’.

The poor countries are poor because, they have not been able to get the benefit out of the talents they have created by spending money on educating the youth. As a result, firms that could have produced an exportable output by using their talents are unable to export. The government which could have raised its efficiency by hiring the educa

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