Break Free

Indian telco giant, Videsh Sanchara Nigam Ltd (VSNL) has started routing traffic to Colombo, becoming the first to effectively compete with Sri Lanka Telecom on the international data and voice market.
Starting late Tuesday, VSNL started transferring part of its international bandwidth through the SEA-ME-WE III submarine cable.rn

rnDirect access to the SEA-ME-WE (which connects South East Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe) cable, cuts bandwidth costs, giving operators a reliable and cheaper connection, as against expensive satellite links.rn

rnAccess to capacity in the undersea cable bandwidth was until now limited to SLT for a number of reasons, including high upfront costs. rn

rnHowever, a recent telecom regulator study ruled that it should be opened up for any operator who is interested. rn

rnldblquote We managed to secure six E1s from SLT. One is operation and the rest are being tested to be fully deployed shortly,
dblquote says Ravi Shankar, Head of VSNL Lankas local operation.rn