Britain sued over colonial rule and mistreatment of Indians in Malaysia

WASHINGTON, Sept 8, 2007 (AFP) – A Malaysian human rights lawyer has filed a four trillion dollar lawsuit against Britain for alleged atrocities suffered by Indians whose forefathers were brought as indentured laborers to Malaysia during colonial rule. Among them were South Africa, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji and Mauritius, he said.

Seeking one million pounds (two million dollars) compensation for each of the currently estimated two million Indian Malaysians, the suit was filed in London last week, Ponnusamy Waytha Moorthy told reporters in Washington on a trip to brief the US Congress and rights groups on the issue.

“The colossal suit reflects the years of pain, suffering, humiliation, discrimination and continuous colonialization under the current Malaysian government,” he said.

“It is also to highlight the negligence and failure of the British in not entrenching the rights of the minority Indians in the constitution when they granted Malaysia independence,” he said.

Many Indians were brought to Malaysia from southern India as indentured labor by the British, but their future generations “were left high and dry” when the colonial power left the country, Waytha Moorthy said.

“There has been segregatio

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