Britain warns of high attack risk in UAE

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DUBAI, June 16, 2008 (AFP) – Britain has warned of a high risk of a terror attack in the United Arab Emirates, the booming oil-rich Gulf state and regional economic and tourst hub that is home to several million foreigners. “There is a high threat from terrorism. We believe terrorists may be planning to carry out attacks in the UAE,” said a travel advice posted online by the embassy.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate and could happen at any time, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers such as residential compounds, military, oil, transport and aviation interests,” it said.

The warning posted on Saturday informed Britons in the pro-Western desert nation and key OPEC member that they should “maintain a high level of security awareness, particularly in public places.”

The UAE is a conservative Muslim nation but has become a major regional tourist hub, attracting millions each year, mainly in the bustling city-state of Dubai which is known for its liberal lifestyle.

While other Gulf countries have witnesses bloody attacks blamed on the Al-Qaeda network of Saudi-born terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, the UAE has not been targeted.

“We believe that threat to be high. It was a

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