Broad Service

April 19, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Electroteks, a communications firm, says it will launch a wireless broadband service in May which will have voice telephony services at half the existing tariffs. Electroteks chief B A C Abeywardene says the service will use CDMA (code division multiple access) based technology to provide up to 1Mbps speeds and voice calls priced around 1.50 rupees a minute, which is about half the current tariffs.

At the moment however interconnect settlement rates between operators are slightly higher at around 1.90 rupees a unit with taxes, he said.

“But interconnect charges broadly balance out, so we will not have to pay out a lot of money,” Abeywardene told LBO.

“Price competition on telecom services is getting tougher and the operator that can run the most cost-efficient network will win in the end.”

Electroteks has been a pioneer wireless communications firm which has a range of licenses dating back to 1983. It has also fabricated and sometimes exported communications equipments.

Abeywardene says his company already has a fibre-optic network covering the greater Colombo area. Electroteks mostly serves corporate customers and provides international