Building a Case

Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

The construction professionals are calling for a national policy to guide the industry and ensure its sustainability.
The Chamber of Construction Industry on Thursday said ad hoc and outdated policies were hampering growth and wasting scares natural and human resources. rn

rnPresident of the Chamber Surath Wickramasinghe said clear state policies on resource (like rive sand) use and training of industry personnel was lacking. rn

rnThis, Wickramasinghe say has led to the misuse and gross depletion of natural resources, especially rive sand, vital for the construction industry. rn

rnThe Chamber also opposes liberalisation of professional services in the construction sector as per WTO agreement. rn

rnWickramasinghe said Sri Lanka housed compatible talent well suited for local construction projects, but were over looked in favour of foreign consultants. ldblquote This should change.

rnIn addition, officials say any liberalisation should be reciprocal, giving local expertise a fair oppo