Building High

A 22.46 percent larger loan book propped up by lower interest rates and growing demand for homes upped income at Housing Development Finance Corp., Bank (HDFC Bank to Rs. 829.85 million, 31.5 percent over 2002.
Chief Executive C A Sarathchandra told Lanka Business Online that a concerted effort to increase the housing stock saw up to 80 per cent of borrowers going out to buy land and to build or buy new houses. rn

rnA further shift is expected, with HDFC throwing its resources into financing condominiums and housing schemes. rn

rnA separate construction company is also in the pipeline, officials say State approvals are however, still pending. rn

rnThe unit will focus of building apartments close to metropolitan areas, but without the fancy luxury apartment price tag.rn

rnOn average prices would range at about Rs. 3 million, HDFC officials told Lanka Business Online in an earlier interview. rn

rnSarathchandra says the shift will help boost the housing stock by a larger quantum, than individua

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