Building Watchdog

Oct 09, 2007 (LBO) – International audit firm Deloitte Thursday launched its financial advisory services for Sri Lanka’s construction industry which has been growing rapidly in recent years. “We try to help clients in monitoring the quality of work, and to ensure timely and on-budget delivery of their projects,” said Gajanan Sabnis, Senior Manager, Construction Advisory Services of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services.

“We help owners by being their watchdog, helping owners with oversight.”

Deloitte’s fees are not as high as those of project consultants because their work is periodic, said Sabnis, a senior manager in the firm’s Washington DC office and a civil engineer with more than 40 years of experience.

Sri Lanka has many projects planned in highways, bridges, townships, airports and ports that provide Deloitte many opportunities to offer their expertise, he told a news conference.

Asked about the reported slowing down of the construction sector in the island, Sabnis said construction activity tended to be cyclical and invariably picks up after a slowdown.

Also, he said, any possible slowdown could be a good opportunity for a company offering financial support s

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