Business Excellence program

A training on Business Excellence will be conducted at the Mövenpick Hotel on the 10th of January 2020. The session will cover the areas of time management, good governance, work place ethics, workplace communications – all aimed at creating cohesive teams to increase the productivity in the organization. The session will be conducted by Nirmalan Nagendra and Anjale Jayawardena, with experience in exponential growth in productivity by transforming their teams.

The half-day session aims to take the audience on how to navigate through their corporate career by being authentic leaders, employees and team members. It will teach the participant on how to manage time effectively, plan their day by prioritizing their deliverables and delivering something that is 90% accurate on time rather than delivering something that is 100% accurate past it’s deadline as well as practices of good governance, being a leader and being empathetic.

Other topics that will be discussed are work-life balance; the importance of making time for family and friends in this constantly connected world, taking time off from work, to having a happy and healthy marriage as well as how to work with integrity at work by practicing honesty, transparency and build good relationships with your team as well as others in your organization.

When building relationships with colleagues, it is important to build authentic relationships that are built on mutual understanding, empathy and transparency. The session will touch on ‘Working Out Loud’ aimed at helping create meaningful relationships – starting with colleagues which can also be extended to your friends and family. Working Out Loud will also help you achieve a specific goal or a set of goals you have set for both your personal and professional life.

The training is done to educate teams on how to be great managers as well as individuals in your team, reduce friction and get work done effectively. The training will be held on the 10th of January 2020, at the Mövenpick Hotel. For tickets and inquiries, please contact Charmaine on 0779448210. E-mail : –

Nirmalan is a veteran hotelier with over thirty three years of experience. His expertise is spread throughout his various stints in Park Hyatt Jeddah-Marina Saudi Arabia, Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi, Al Aqa, Kuwait, Forte Nassau  Beach  Bahamas and the Exclusive Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados. Nirmalan is currently a member of British Association of Hospitality Accountants, the Institute of Management UK-Fellow, and the Hotel & Catering International Management Association.-Fellow.He is a highly result oriented professional, who believes in cohesive work environments, hiring for attitude. Nirmalan believes that team work certainly makes dream work. He was also ‘The Committment to Excellence Trainer’ for Forte Hotels which is now well recognized in the Hospitality world.

Anjale is a graduate in International Business, with a strong PR and marketing background. Having worked in the field of IT across both international and local organizations, she has helped transform both internal and external communications and built cohesive teams. She has previously held knowledge sessions on ‘Working Out Loud’ at Virtusa, and championed the practice extensively at the workplace and even been featured in a few articles from around the world. Anjale is a firm believer that organizations should focus on the wellbeing of their teams before they create solutions for customers, because she believes that a happy work place is a great work place.

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