Bussing It

An action plan to re-haul bus transport and enforce regulation on a decentralised, largely out-of-control sector, is being rolled out by the National Transport Commission over the next few weeks.
ldblquote Buses are a Rs. 30 bn industry and a very large component doesnt have the management and the regulation that it deserves
dblquote , Chairman of the National Transport Commission, Professor Amal Kumarage said.rn

rnldblquote The first aspect of it is that we need strong regulation. This is a deregulated sector where the majority is in the hands of private individuals who have little control over their own employees. No punishments or penalties hold and so it is out of control
dblquote .rn

rnThe lack of management has driven the sector into high operating costs and low profit margins. rn

rnThere are some 15,000 private buses plying the roads compared to about 3,000 state owned buses indicating the private sector hold on mass transport.rn

rnAs a first step, spearheading agency the National transp

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