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June 22, 2008 (LBO) – A Sri Lankan car dealer is taking a buy-one-get-one-free strategy to sell off luxury vehicles, borrowing a strategy used by fast moving consumer goods makers to sell soap, cosmetics and cereal.

In Sri Lanka inflation is at the highest level in its history touching 30 percent and interest rates are over 20 percent, with fuel prices also rising to dizzy heights.

“Unbelievable Offer: “Free” Tata Xeta Car worth Rs. 1,740,000/- with each new Jeep 4×4 & Chrysler Grand Voyager from Dimo’s,” says the auto dealer Diesel and Motor Engineering company on its website,

The Jeeps are sports utility vehicles (SUV) and the Grand Voyager is a 7-seater multi purpose vehicle (MPV).

Sales of Chrysler vehicles have fallen owing to their high prices and maintenance costs and consumer preference for cheaper rival brands, DIMO said.

Lower fuel economy on Chrysler vehicles has been considered one of the main reasons affecting its affordability factors, online vehicle reviews and usage statistics show.

Chrysler is a US firm, where fuel has been lightly taxed compared to the rest of the world. In Sri Lanka petrol in particular is heav

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