Cabinet approval to obtain a goods transportation aircraft for Sri Lankan on lease

Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to a proposal forwarded by the Tourism Minister for obtaining an aircraft for goods transportation on a lease basis to Sri Lankan Aviation Company Limited subject to following the international competitive procurement methodology.

The fleet of Sri Lankan Aviation Company Limited is comprised of a large number of economical narrow-body aircraft. As a result, more attention has been paid to the passenger air routes network in recent years.

According to the cabinet proposal, this has led to the underutilization of aero goods transportation potential due to a lack of suitable aircraft that cater to the goods transportation facility.

With the outbreak of the COVID – 19 pandemic, most of the aircraft companies have paid attention to aero goods transportation since passenger transportation became limited.

Sri Lankan Airlines currently operates freight operations to 26 destinations.

“Considering the current market changes, it has become a fine opportunity for the main aeronautical companies to enter into the goods transportation market via main air routes seeking the goods transportation market share,” the proposal said.

“Therefore, paying attention to the potential for air goods transportation, it has been planned to change the available Sri Lankan company structure strategically.”

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