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Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

Sri Lanka Telecom is seeking approval for an all inclusive rental package for its low usage customers.
The package will include the monthly rental and a fixed number of call minutes, with an additional charge for extra minutes. rn

rnThe packaged deal is part of SLTs revised tariff rebalancing proposal pending regulator approval.rn

rnRetail customers generating low usage bills will automatically fall into this category. rn

rnAn estimated 40 per cent of SLTs customers fall under the low usage base, generating an average bill of less than Rs. 500.00. rn

rnThe packaged deal is expected to retain its low usage base, while revising the tariffs for the rest of SLTs customers under the fifth and final tariff rebalancing exercise, theoretically due at the end of last year. rn

rnSLT is entitled to a 15 per cent increase in its tariffs, agreed by the then government under the privatization agreement with NTT of Japan.