Cancer Therapy

Sept 11, 2007 (LBO) – Diversified company Ceylinco Sri Lanka opened its health centre, equipped with Sri Lanka’s first linear accelerator to deliver modulated radiation therapy for cancer patients, Tuesday. “Each year, around 11,000 patients are identified having cancer in Sri Lanka. At least half of the number needs radiation therapy,” Dr Sarath Abeyakoon, medical director of Ceylinco Healthcare Services Limited (CHSL) said.

The 500 million rupee facility lets cancer patients obtain radiation therapy and other forms of treatment such as hormonal, iodine and chemotherapy.

It also offers intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), which is an advanced mode of high-precision radiotherapy.

It uses computer-controlled x-ray emitters to deliver a precise radiation dose to a malignant tumour or specific areas within the tumour.

With the IMRT approach being much more accurate than conventional therapy, higher and more effective radiation doses can safely be delivered to tumours with fewer side effects, the company said.

CHSL’s screening facility lets patients diagnose cancer at its early stages, which is easier to cure and less expensive.

Previously, patients who were diagnosed wi

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