Central Environment Authority awards Melting Point Certification to ODEL


The Central Environment Authority (CEA) recently awarded ODEL PLC Sri Lanka the ‘Melting Point Certification’ as a certified partner of its aluminum upcycling project. The latest project aims to increase awareness about environmental pollution and the importance of recycling through the production of handmade upcycled aluminum products available for sale at all ODEL outlets. The products displayed at ODEL outlets vary from key tags to home ware accessories in the shape of elephants and sea creatures that are affected by environmental pollution in Sri Lanka.

One of the most visited shopping destinations by many foreign nationals and locals, ODEL, Alexandra Place outlet is the ideal location to promote the aforementioned products, as they capture the attention of authentic Sri Lankan souvenirs. Therefore, this promising collaboration between the CEA and ODEL, which was initiated in 2019, is aimed at creating awareness on the importance of upcycling, while also positively contributing to tourism. In near future ODEL aims to expand these products to their LUV SL outlets situated at One Galle Face and BIA Airport as well.

Initiated for the time in Sri Lanka, the revolutionary ‘melting point’ concept was introduced by the CEA in 2019 to reduce environmental pollution that occurs around the island and to introduce the concept of upcycling already existing materials to create new products.
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In line with this initiative, the CEA also awards the ‘Melting Point Certification’ to environmentally conscious organizations in recognition of their valuable contribution with regard to recycling/upcycling.

Currently, Sri Lanka suffers from a variation of environmental issues, one of which is insufficient waste management, especially in rural areas. While the country has taken steps to prevent further damage by creating procedures such as the division of waste, citizens need to be educated on the concept and the long-term repercussions of environmental pollution.

The CEA initiated the Melting Point project with the objective of adding value to what is considered ‘waste’, sharing this unique concept across the value chain from collectors to producers. Due to its lightweight, strong and infinitely recyclable nature, aluminum is considered a highly valuable material. In upcycling aluminum, due to its durability, odorless and impermeability, the CEA is able to create trendy ornamental pieces that appeal to many. With or without purchasing the upcycled products, an individual is able to contribute to the concept by disposing their garbage responsibly. Through this, the project aims to inspire future generations to limit their littering to a minimum and identify the value of everyday objects such as aluminum.

Through this project, the CEA hopes to help people understand that wasted cans have value and spread the message that many lives can be improved by upcycling valuable waste like aluminum.

(Media Release)

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