Ceo Forum

March 02 (LBO) – A company™s consciousness is made up of the collective consciousness of the workers that will help a company be productive and succeed, a top Sri Lankan corporate leader said.

“Vision means seeing the integral mental picture in front of you. The edifice is the shell. It is empty without the consciousness,” Mineka Wickramasingha, Chairman, Ceylon Biscuits Limited said at the LBR-LBO CEO Forum this week. People make up the consciousness. It pulsates with vibrations.

He was addressing a group Sri Lanka’s senior business executives at the forum.

Leaders at present times tend to focus more on profit and growth for profit alone that sideline the human touch in a company, says Wickramasingha.

Any company aims to be productive and conscious of the bottom line and most leaders focus on profit and growth for profit alone.

Multinationals and large companies regard success as good management, Wickramasingha says.

When the company grows bigger, the interactions with the staff become impersonal and distant that sidelines the human aspect taking out the ‘consciousness’ of the system.

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